Tall Pine Cabin was relocated from the original homestead site on Upper Fords Creek to U.S. Highway 12 by Samuel F. Swayne and Zoa L. Swayne in the mid-1960s. Both Sam and Zoa were very interested in area history and invested much of their lives collecting data, determining its accuracy and ensuring its preservation.

They wrote three books; Great Grandfather and the Honey Tree, Do Them No Harm, and Tales of the Clearwater all of which depict an aspect of our history. Great Grandfather and the Honey tree is a tall-tale children's book which provides some insight to the problems of homestead living. Do Them No Harm is the story of Lewis & Clark's travel through the Clearwater as told by the Nez Perce Indians. Tales of the Clearwater is a collection of stories concerning Clearwater County loggers and homesteaders in the thirties and forties.

Tall Pine Cabin is a product of this era and was preserved as an example of the axemanship skills of the area homesteaders and their self-reliant way of life.

*Tales of the Clearwater is available at the Clearwater Museum.

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